External condensation season is here!

The long hot summer is now over, temperatures are falling and you’re noticing external condensation problems on your double glazed windows. So what’s it all about and why is it happening?

Well, external condensation is actually a consequence of having highly efficient double glazed windows fitted in your home – in much the same way that a cold drink collects condensation on the glass during those hot summer nights, the efficiency of your double glazed windows means that the outer pane will always be much cooler than the inner pane as the outside temperatures cool off – particularly during the Autumn and Spring months. As the warm humid air makes contact with the cold outer pane of glass it loses it’s ability to hold moisture which then settles on the glass – this is commonly known as the ‘Dew Point’. It’s only a temporary effect as the dew point is slightly higher during Spring and Autumn and should be of no real concern, as a matter of fact it’s a sign that your double glazed windows are working efficiently.

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