Thermaglaze Installers – The cream of the crop!

It’s difficult these days not to spot a team of Thermaglaze installers out in the wild, you’ll see them hanging out of windows and dancing on the rooftops all across Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset and Hants. They’re a pretty friendly bunch, and one or two of them even have a sense of humour! They’re multi-talented too – they can hang doors, fit windows build conservatories all while checking their social media timelines and brewing a great cup of tea at the same time – and we love them for it!

But seriously, Thermaglaze installers are by far the very best team you’ll find at any home improvement company, their commitment to providing absolutely the best service to our customers is beyond compare. All extremely considerate, highly skilled and with a good mix of specialist training, they are a fundamental element of the customer experience offered by Thermaglaze, you only need to have a quick read of our testimonials page to see how important our installers are to us. And because of this it’s crucial that we do all we can to ensure we retain our installers, we’re actually very proud of the fact that we have virtually zero staff turnover with our guys. In return we ensure that we reward them with the best installation rates available in the area, we also do everything in our power to ensure that we plan our installations in a way that is considerate and respectful of our team’s time and life requirements. Not being a national company means that our work is focussed locally and there is no need for our installers to be rushing around the country from one job to another, there is no rush for them to get a job finished because they’re facing a three hour drive back to base, and they don’t have to face crazy early early starts each day either. They are a special breed of people and we are very respectful of that, there are good and bad days of course – that’s the nature of the beast. But at the end of the day this all adds up to the fact that as an independent, local home improvement company, we are able to maintain a larger team of excellent installers than any of our local competition. Should you know of anyone with the relevant skill sets who might like to be a part of our fantastic team, then please ask them to get in touch or direct them to our careers page where they can complete an online application form.