Why recommend Thermaglaze to your family and friends?

If you’ve already worked with Thermaglaze on your home improvement projects, or you know that we have a great reputation locally, then why not recommend Thermaglaze to your friends and family and earn up to £100*. For many years, Thermaglaze have paid out more than £100,000 to people, that have simply recommended us.

All you have to do to recommend Thermaglaze is:

  1. Once you have the permission of someone you’d like to recommend.
  2. Complete the form at the bottom of the ‘Recommend a Friend’ page (click here).
  3. Remember, you don’t have to be a previous Thermaglaze customer to take part. You may just know someone that has used us previously or know that we have a great reputation locally.
  4. Once the form is completed, our Sales Advisor will approach your referral and find out if they would like a no-pressure written quotation for their project.
  5. *If your referral’s quote proceeds to a installation with us, then we’ll automatically send you a cheque for 2.5% of the final invoice up to a maximum of £100.

Here’s just a few recent recommendation testimonials…

“Initially, it was a recommendation by a friend. After our visit to the showroom we were so pleased with the range of doors and price quoted that we decided to look no further. The finished door looks excellent.”


I chose Thermaglaze when visiting my friend. She just had you fit her windows and doors and I decided straight away to have mine fitted by you because I liked them so much. Now they are fitted I am glad I decided to choose Thermaglaze.”


Recommended by neighbours. Everyone is friendly and helpful and I trusted their advice and guidance. Installers were fantastic and did a great job. Very pleased and thank you!”


“Have used company before. Also local people always seem pleased with the work done by Thermaglaze.”

Click here to view our testimonials of kind words said by our customers.