Inspiration for your conservatory upgrade

Have you been sat staring at your conservatory throughout lock down wishing you could use it, has it been just too hot in there to feel comfortable?

Do you think it will be too expensive to fix or resolve?

We are about to tell you just how many options you have to transform your conservatory into the home extension you have always wanted, at a fraction of the cost.

Installing a solid conservatory roof is a popular choice for many homeowners, we are able to completely change your space. Your new roof does not have to be made of glass, you can choose a lightweight mock tile solid roof which will sit on your pre-existing frame.

A solid roof system gives you the privacy, thermal efficiency and look and feel of a regular home extension but is easy and quick to install. As all our roofs come with pre-approved building regulation there’s no need to wait before constructing.

Is your conservatory draughty? The solution to this is rather simple, by installing new seals for the frames it could mean your conservatory is fully enclosed and no more cold winter nights.

Many of our customers have Victorian style conservatories as they were previously the most popular design. This it likely to mean the conservatory has three small walls and tightly angled corners – not the ideal set up for trying to arrange furniture and put things up to create a functional, open living space.

What you may be surprised to learn is that this can be corrected without having to take down and rebuild the conservatory.

These tiny changes can make such a huge impact, let us help you create an ambient space you can enjoy by yourself, with family or with friends.

Why not give us a call and share your vision or – even better – come for coffee! We promise a warm welcome to our village showroom and you can see all of our products up close. Our coffee is REALLY good by the way!

Call us on 01985 840 904 or email to speak to a member of the team, we are always happy to help.