Why pick an orangery to extend your home?

Why pick an orangery? Well where do we start. Of course, it’s an affordable way to add living space, functioning as a living room or dining room – or even a home office. It provides fantastic views across your garden space and adds a whole new dimension to your home. Also, if you knock down your connecting wall, you can use an orangery to bring open-plan living to your ground floor.

They’re easy to maintain and available in a range of colours and styles, they are also available in a range of finishes to achieve an unrivalled natural beauty that is difficult to obtain with other extension options.

What’s even better is, at Thermaglaze, our orangeries are individually designed by experts to perfectly suit your home in either uPVC or Aluminium. An aluminium orangery adds a more contemporary feel while offering the same easy maintenance that comes as standard with upvc. We also provide many colours, handles, glass styles and optional features to make your organery a true bespoke addition to your home.

If you’re still not convinced, we’re not done yet. An orangery can increase the value of your property by almost as much as adding a traditional extension! However, it must be a big space in order to capture the essence of Georgian heritage and add real value to your property. Nonetheless, it’s a wise investment for you and your home.

Elegance comes as standard with a Thermaglaze uPVC & Aluminium Orangery. Get in touch for your free quote today!