How to make your home look brand new again

If you’re looking to renovate the appearance of your home without breaking the bank, a few small enhancements can help to give your property that feeling of refreshment in no time at all. Not only will they be cheaper than larger installations, but they are almost guaranteed to save you money in the future.

Take a look at our recommendations below…


A great way to transform any room in your home is with natural and artificial lighting options. These help to create a light and bright living space all year round. Not only will the spaces become lighter, but they’ll look better as a result. Win-win.


Tiling allows you to customise the exterior of your home. At Thermaglaze, we offer a range of stylish roof tiles and slate, with a selection of colours and finishes to choose from. Not only do tiles make your home look the part, they are also super energy efficient. This helps to keep the heat inside your room and the cold outside.


This is such a simple option which is why it’s often overlooked. With the right colours and quality of paint, a new colour can really bring dated spaces to life. This doesn’t just apply to wall paint, you can also re-paint conservatories, doors, windows and roofing systems!


If your fascias are dull and weathered, your home is likely to replicate that look! Through the addition of Upvc replacement fascias, it not only helps to revitalise your home, it also means you won’t need to re-paint them or save them from rot.


Underneath the Fascia Boards is the Soffit Board, this is the bit you see when you look up from underneath. This is just as important to achieve a clean and modern look to your home. Usually, you should match this to the colour of the Fascia. However, you can always switch things up and use a contrasting colour.

If you’re looking to enhance and give life to your home, get in touch and let’s determine how we can help. We exceed our customers’ expectations by delivering lasting value, exceptional standards & an unrivalled service. That’s why we’re the first name considered when people choose to enhance their homes.

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