Silhouette Slimline uPVC Windows

Silhouette is an exclusive range of slimline uPVC windows that has been designed specifically to allow considerably more light into your home. The ultra slim sightlines provide a much greater glass area than current standard casement windows and are perfectly suited to both modern and traditional houses. This stunning window design is exclusively available to the Thermaglaze group of companies which includes Clearglaze Windows of Bath and Firmseal of Yeovil.

Silhouette can be configured in a choice of stunning contemporary or traditional colours and finishes which gives homeowners the opportunity to create an exclusive look of their own. We have samples on display in our showrooms for demonstration, so feel free to call by, enjoy a great cup of coffee and discover the difference Silhouette can make to your home improvement project.

Slimline uPVC windows are leading the current trend and are a highly refined alternative to standard white uPVC casement windows and we are extremely proud to have exclusivity to the beautiful Silhouette system. Call 01985 840904 or contact us here for further information.

Slimline uPVC Windows

Can we quote you for our exclusive Silhouette slimline windows?

*Less Frame – More Light*

The elegant, slim framework of our exclusive Silhouette uPVC window system allows more light to flood into your home.

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Beautifully refined ultra slim sightlines

Our exclusive Silhouette window system is defined by it’s stunning ultra-slim sightlines. Slender and elegant, they allow for a greater glass area and present a more refined aesthetic to the overall look of your home, be it a modern or traditional design.

Our choice of colours and finishes enhance the exclusivity of your new windows, even allowing for a full aluminium look when finished in Anthracite Grey.


More glass means much more light

The increased glass area of our Silhouette Ultraslim windows allows your room to be flooded with significantly more natural light, creating a warm and airy home environment for you and your family.

You will be genuinely surprised what a difference the slimmer frames on Silhouette make to the ambience in your beautiful home.

Silhouette Slimline uPVC Windows